Dental Patients Could Test Positive for HIV and Hepatitis

Experts in the health care field are now warning people that they may test positive to Hepatitis or HIV after safety concerns came up in four different dental clinics in Sydney. There were over twelve thousand people affected by this and they are getting blood tests done. This is due to being exposed to contaminated instruments.

However, people that are testing positive for these diseases may not be able to blame these dental clinics. Dr Jermey McAnulty from NSW Health says that they might test positive because of the rates of these diseases in their communities. It would be hard to determine where the infection was mouth

Patients are very angry about this. In fact many are angry that they waited over six months to tell the public. This was six months after certain dentists were suspended from practicing at their clinics. What is important is that people will know if they need to seek treatment for these illnesses.

Remember, There are always better dentists.