Decorate your Home with Feng Shui

The decoration of Feng Shui is based on a belief that the arrangement of household furniture can serve as a means to channel the energies so that they can positively affect the residents. This is that the order, in which the room is decorated and furnished, is done in order that the person receives energy and harmony in the most optimal way possible. Although the validity of this current from the scientific point of view is more than questionable, Feng Shui is a fad that has been spreading during the last years and that is still strongly in vogue today.

From Gilmar we transfer our tips to decorate your home following the principles of Feng Shui. In addition, we encourage you to take a look at our proposals for constructive solutions.

Tips for decorating using Feng Shui

Starting by removing any visually negative element that involves a cold image will help to push back the negative energies. In turn to attract positive energy avoids having odd decorations inside the home and that every decorative object has its companion.

Harmonize the colors to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The bright colors such as green, yellow, orange, pink or white are the most recommended to generate this climate of harmony. On the contrary, you have to avoid cold, strong and dry colors and also colors like red and purple.

The head of the bed oriented either north or south, never east or west. Also the bed has to be on the wall furthest from the door of the room and on this there should never be shelves, shelves or any other type of decoration.

The objects for decoration must be objects that raise our spirits as photos of loved ones, special places, plants and flowers. Give those objects a greater role in the house moving as much as possible to electrical appliances. On the contrary, you should avoid as much as possible any object that reminds you of any negative emotion, as objects of work or that remind you of someone or something that causes you dislike.

The tables must be round or oval; preferably, the chairs must form 90ยบ to each other. Provided you can avoid plastic dishes and that these are ceramic or glass. The dining room table preferably made of wood or covered with stone is the best option.

The main door of the house is another fundamental element of Feng Shui. The main door must be at the same time the entrance and exit so that the decoration can allow positive energies to arrive; therefore it is necessary to avoid the use of the rear doors. The existence of decorative elements in front of the main door, according to the theory of Feng Shui, supposes an obstacle to the positive energies can arrive.

Fashion and criticism of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a trend that has been growing in recent years. In addition to interior decoration, Feng Shui has spread to other areas such as fashion and clothing. In addition, more and more world-famous personalities and powerful multinational corporations are seeking a master Feng Shui consultant. It is fashionable because it is increasingly demanded to achieve a climate of peace, tranquility and harmony in homes and workplaces. The ancient art of Feng Shui is considered an excellent tool to achieve these goals.

However, the lack of scientific validity of this fashion causes Feng Shui to have bitter critics who point out that the disposition of the furniture in the house does not guarantee anything. Regardless of its effectiveness or not, the truth is that Feng Shui offers a set of structured ideas to decorate the house, so that anyone who wants to try this fashion to give a change of air to their home has a wide range of Feng Shui of proposals to apply if you want.