Learn Feng Shui: Find a School and a Master

Do you practice this art as an autodidact and look for a school to become a consultant? Today, there are many schools and trainings, it’s great but … how to choose!?


For a variety of reasons, you have decided to train at Feng Shui and maybe even do your job. Yes, but here, with all these schools offering training as varied as expensive, it is difficult to navigate. Here are my tips to find the school “who looks like you “in 4 essential points.


Lineage and experience of Feng Shui Masters

Having a good teacher is the guarantee of a solid formation, we have all noticed at one time or another of our schooling. So, start by checking the credibility of the bazi master singapore :

  •        What is their lineage, i.e. “who “taught them Feng Shui? Which bazi master singapore (s)?
  •        What school do they come from? What training (s) did they attend?
  •        What are their experiences and references?
  •        Do they practice other Taoism Arts?
  •        Do they have a solid reputation? Are they recognized by the profession?
  •        Namely: A Master (or his school) well referenced on the internet does not mean he is serious and teaches a good Feng Shui. Hence the importance of checking your sources, by contacting experts, for example, and asking them who trained them and felt them.


Feng Shui trainings, understand their content

“Decrypting” the training offered is not easy when you do not master the vocabulary Feng Shui, especially since there is no regulation on their content, their tariff and their duration. You will need to consider the following:


  •        The school must offer at least 6 months / 1 years of training over several weeks or weekends. Learning Feng Shui in 3 days is simply impossible


  •        Promote group classes with bazi master singapore rather than remote ones in e-learning (although there are many benefits to this)


  •        Learn Feng Shui at the source with the Master himself and not his disciple unless he is recognized and practicing for a few years


  •        The content of the training must address in broad outline: the study of the landscape (the formulas Tan Lang and Dragon of the water), study of the person, the study of the time (the cycles and periods, annual plagues and flying stars) and the date election. As well as of course the fundamental principles (Yin and Yang, trigrams, 5 elements, 4 celestial animals, he tu and lo Shu, 24 mountains, …).


  •        The Master must be accessible and accompany you even after your training


  •        The courses must include the terms and ideograms “Chinese” imperatively! Pro books and luopans are in Chinese, if you follow a “Western” training, it will not help you in your understanding.
  •        Since there is no regulation, obtaining a “diploma” just gives you proof of your teaching from a Master


  •        The correct rates are between 300 € / 350 € for 2 days. It’s up to you to do the math!


  •        To avoid: the “Feng Shui Deco” formations, the Tibetan Feng Shui formations and the “8 aspirations” method. These very simple and easily accessible techniques are unfortunately westernized and mostly incomplete.