5 Feng Shui Tips to Fend Out Bad Energies

For those who do not know, Feng Shui is an ancient technique originating in China. The proposal basically consists of balancing the energies of the environment by building or decorating the room, allowing the forces of the universe to act positively on man. But do you know how to do this in practice? With some Feng Shui Master Singapore tips it is possible to apply this technique in your own home, seeking more harmony for your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Want to know more? To help you better understand how this works, we’ve prepared this post with 5 clear tips on how to interfere in environments to make them more balanced and therefore more harmonious. Follow the reading and prepare your home!

  1. Understand the metaphysics of the home

To understand the metaphysics of the house means to know that the physical conjuncture of the place interferes in the conjugation of energies that act on that environment.

For you to understand how this happens in practice, know that Feng Shui considers your home as a living being capable of generating energies that can be good or bad. Everything will basically depend on the mood of the owner and the way he handles the home’s facilities.

Therefore, consider that the entrance door is like the nose and mouth of the residence. That is, it is a vital part to the house. After all, when communicating with the external environment, it is possible to control the energies that enter and leave the residence.

The windows are the eyes of the house. This means that if the windows are damaged or the window is closed most of the time, you will not be able to connect with the environment.

Following this reasoning, the center of residence is the heart – the most energetic part of the home – and is related to the health of the people who live there. The sewage network represents our excretory apparatus. The electrical part represents the nervous system, responsible for coordinating all other commands of the residence.

  1. Pay attention to house signs

Now that you know what the metaphysics of the house is, it becomes easier to understand how to manage all environments to stimulate the concentration of positive energies on the spot through fengshui master singapore.

It’s simple. Just pay attention to the signs your own home is showing: cracks or cracks in floors, walls or tiles reveal disagreements and disagreements; surfaces with mold and mildew assume that something is wrong with our skin and respiratory system; breads in the electric network mean that the nerves are in the flower of the skin … And so on.

In these cases, the first thing to do is identify the barrier and try to treat it as quickly as possible. Look at your home with affection and see what can be done to counter the problem. Often good cleaning or replacement of some specific items is enough.

  1. Focus on the electrical part

As we have said, the electric circuit of the residence represents our central nervous system and therefore commands all the actions of our “body”. Therefore, this part requires increased attention when it comes to Feng Shui.

Problems in wiring, burning lamps, circuit breakers disarming, equipment presenting defects … All these signals can mean overloads in the electrical network. This, in analogy to the human body, represents high levels of stress and intense imbalance in temperament.

Start by reviewing the facilities. In this part, it is very important to have the help of a specialized professional to help you get the system in order again. He will be able to accurately identify the circuit failures and what to do to correct them safely and effectively.

  1. Start with Feng Shui into the room

According to the fengshui master singapore proposal, we should look at what is out of order in our house and, from there, seek to rebalance the energies. Being the room one of the living areas of the residence, this exercise becomes even more intense, since, there, several people circulate.

It is therefore appropriate to ornament the space so that the bad energies cannot penetrate. This can be done both at the time of the work and in the decoration of the home. In construction, of course, attention must be focused on the basic aspects of the project, such as the proper positioning of the beams, the alignment of the frames, the support of the house, among many other things.

Already in the decor, it is necessary to concentrate on the furniture and other elements of the ornamentation. All these items need to talk to each other, reflecting the style of decoration you proposed for the room Р classic, modern, rustic, minimalist and so on.


The idea is that nothing be there by chance. On the contrary, the intention is to gather elements that bring good memories and never sin for the excess of information, which could tire our vision. You bet: all these factors interfere with the type of energy you want to move around the environment. So, focus on these fengshui master singapore techniques to attract only good energies around the house.

  1. Expand Feng Shui to the fourth

Yes. We agree that the social living areas are very important, especially the living room, which is where the front door of the house is, regulating everything that comes in and what leaves our home. However, we cannot concentrate all the energy in this room and forget one of the main environments: the room.

It’s not because the rooms are more private locations that might go unnoticed. On the contrary: according to fengshui master singapore, the positioning of the furniture and the ornamentation of the room make all the difference in our sleep, helping to renew the good energies every night well asleep.

In this sense, the location of the bed is the main point to be addressed by fengshui master singapore techniques. Answer the following question: What lies behind your bedside? Electrical wiring, hydraulic pipes, toilets or stove are examples of factors that can interfere negatively in your sleep, since the complexity of these items is such that you cannot fight their interference through a simple wall.

So, stay away from any setting that can generate overhead power over the bed. If the room is in an irregular shape, try to explore the asymmetrical corners in a positive way. You can, for example, accommodate a specific piece of furniture in this corner, in order to smooth out the irregular shapes of the environment.

Another important tip is to never put a furniture incompatible with the size of the room. Very heavy furniture – such as cupboards or study tables that are too large – blocks the passage of energy and, consequently, limits relaxation, concentration and creativity.


Did you see? With these Feng Shui tips it’s easy to rearrange some aspects of your home to ward off the bad energies. Concentrate on identifying the defects and, if necessary, have a professional trained to guide you in the proper facilities.