5 Golden Rules to Decorate Your Office Thanks to Feng Shui Philosophy

The key word of Feng Shui, an ancient art and baptized, moreover, very poetically by the Chinese “study of wind and water”, is undoubtedly Harmony.

To be in harmony with your living space and to be able to draw strength and energy (in other words health and well-being), you must find the right place: the one that allows visible flows (the water) and to the invisible flows (the wind) to circulate unhindered and create a beneficial energy.

Applied to the design of Office Feng Shui, this philosophy should allow occupants to feel good in the workspace, develop harmonious relationships with others and optimize their productivity.

The implementation of a office feng shui decoration is a complex operation that will take into account different criteria such as the nature, shape, color of the furniture but also their positioning in the room and their orientation in space, and finally other equally important elements such as cleanliness, storage, ventilation and good oxygenation of the room.

Choose sober and adequate furniture in natural materials

Office feng shui recommends not to overload the pieces and to choose sober, round-shaped furniture, neither too high nor too massive that let the light pass and allow the energies to circulate freely, so let’s say rather a furniture of style modern.

You will therefore favor light structures, clear and even transparent materials, and openings. You’ll also ban sharp angles, dark recesses and furniture full of drawers or closed lockers that trap energy.

If you need to keep records or other documents, you will be careful to arrange low shelves to store them discreetly and not on hanging shelves or too high storage spaces that are harmful because they interfere with the reflection and prevent the circulation of energies.

Finally, in terms of materials, natural materials such as wood, glass and stone, each of which emits different energies and which will need to be harmoniously combined, will be favored and you will limit synthetic materials as much as they create nervousness and can block the circulation of energies.

Colors are sensitive vibrations

In Feng Shui, colors are defined as “sensible vibrations”, that is to say that each one gives off a particular energy that may be cold or hot, yin or yang. These are the nuances that bring subtlety into the temperature and help counterbalance too hot energy or too cold energy.

Green (and its shades) is considered a neutral color (neither hot nor cold) and has the ability to absorb negative energy.


Depending on the mood and mood that you want to favor in the workplace, depending on the furniture and materials used, we will choose warm colors (red, fuchsia, orange, yellow, black, light blue etc ..) if we want to stimulate dynamism or stimulate exchanges between employees and we will choose cooler colors (dark blue, white, beige, gray) if we wants, on the contrary, to create a silent and reflective atmosphere.

The colors can also play with the sunlight, strengthen or mitigate.

However, and contrary to the usual decorative tips, the mirror is to be avoided because the reflections could generate non-harmonious colors and parasitize thoughts.

Store your desk carefully and dust it regularly

Purity, order and clarity are three other important precepts of Feng Shui philosophy. The gaze must sweep the space freely without obstacles so that the energies circulate throughout the room and throughout the body and that the mind can concentrate and relax optimally.

Never leave used pencil, empty cups, folders or any other useless objects on your desk, as they block positive energies and generate stress. Regularly dust your desk, your screen, and all the furniture around you, the surrounding cleanliness will help you to order your thinking and make it more effective.

Enhance your office with green plants and ventilate often

We talked a little bit earlier about green and its power of absorption of negative energies. Do not hesitate to decorate the room with some green plants to eliminate the electromagnetic pollution generated by computers, phones and other electrical devices and to oxygenate the room.

These plants also have other interesting virtues: they encourage initiative and creativity, thus optimizing work and spreading creative momentum in an office fengshui.


Finally last advice, think about airing the office feng shui frequently and frequently so that the air can be renewed and a new breath fill it, you will allow energies to be renewed and be more invigorating for the body…